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Healthy Cooking

Posted by: Rorylin Johnson, February 11, 2010 at 13:41

Healthy Cooking

While cooking is a very useful activity at the same time it is very pleasant, especially if it involves family and friends. It's not complicated to prepare a healthy meal, but this requires some attention to the way in which the ingredients are cooked.

Sometimes you may be tempted to fry the vegetables in order to obtain a rich flavor, or to boil them too much. Doing this, not only makes the food too rich in fats, but by cooking the ingredients too long they lose their nutritional properties.

Healthy food can become completely unhealthy and potentially harmful if it's cooked the wrong way. One of the best options for healthy and tasty cooking is steam cooking. Cooking in steam is one of the healthiest and most effective ways to prepare foods. In this way, the food does not come into direct contact with heat and it keeps the initial flavors and nutrients.

Also when cooking with steam it's not necessary to use oil or grease, so it is ideal for people who are on a diet. The most suitable ingredients to be cooked over steam are vegetables. Also, you can steam cook rice, especially brown rice. Fish, poultry, eggs and seafood are also good cooked in this way. When cooking in steam, some rules have to be taken into consideration:

  • The device must be supervised - if it runs out of water, or even if the water runs below the minimum recommended amount, it will cause a problem.
  • When cooking fish over the steam, keep the water boiling so the fish will cook fast. It is advisable to put the fish in the lower compartment so that the fish juice doesn't alter the taste of the vegetables, potatoes or rice from other compartments. In short steam cooking helps you to cook a healthy meal, and by cooking a healthy meal you help make sure that you lead a healthy life.

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