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Chicken Liver and Pistachio Dip

Submitted by: Kelly M

Date submitted: 12 August 2012 at 21:13:23

Cover Recipe: "Chicken Liver and Pistachio Dip."

Chicken Liver and Pistachio Dip

Total Time:

2 hours 30 minutes

Originaly Yeild:

16 servings




130 g,  butter

1 tin,  French onion soup mix

60 ml,  white wine

500 g,  chicken livers

90 g,  shelled pistachio nuts

250 g,  cream cheese

60 ml,  water


  1. First, melt the buttter in a pan and stir in the soup mix and white wine. Arrange chicken livers in pan then cook until browned.
  2. Place shelled pistachio nuts in food processor and pulse to grind. Add cream cheese and water; process until smooth. Add chicken livers and process until smooth. Season to taste with onion and garlic powder. Chill.

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