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Chicken and Cheese Tortellini Soup

Submitted by: John Albert

Date submitted: 24 July 2012 at 14:02:58

Cover Recipe: "Chicken and Cheese Tortellini Soup."

Chicken and Cheese Tortellini Soup




1400 ml,  chicken stock

750 ml,  water

2  frozen skinless, boneless chicken breast fillets, diced

1  small onion, diced

135 g,  carrots, thinly sliced

1 tsp,  lemon pepper

1 tsp,  dried oregano

10 g,  dash garlic salt

185 g,  fresh broccoli florets

250 g,  fresh cheese tortellini

1 tbsp,  grated parmesan cheese


  1. In a large sized pan, place the entire stock and water and bring to a boil.
  2. Then add in chicken, onion and carrots. Season with lemon pepper, oregano and garlic salt. Reduce heat to low and simmer 25 minutes or until chicken juices run clear.
  3. Now add the broccoli into the pot and cook for about 10 minutes until it turns soft and the flavour blends in the soup.
  4. Stir in the tortellini and continue cooking 2-3 minutes or until tortellini is al dente. Mix in the grated Parmesan cheese just before serving.

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